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Togliatti, Russian Federation

BeerJS Togliatti


When we are bored of our works and we want to rest, to speak with each other, to know something new from our friends from all over the city.

Where and how?

It's all up to you. We can sit at a bar, drink beer, smoke hookah and discuss in parallel about JS frameworks. 🍻

But we are not adepts of an alcohol because it destructs our expensive brains 💩, so we can choose something more healthy. Feel free to suggest place and activity. 👍

What do I need?

You need nothing except a wish to communicate with colleagues. Actually, a little bit of money will be very helpful. :)

If you have to demonstrate something or to ask for help with your project, you can bring a laptop. 👨‍💻 If you are not worried that it can be drowned in beer, of course.


You can create an issue in this repo.

⚠️ Remember, the main purpose of this event is not to get drunk, but to share the experience.