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#ifndef __BGHIGHSCORE_H__
#define __BGHIGHSCORE_H__
// number of high scores we keep around
#define HIGH_SCORES 3
#define INITIALS 3
// the high score table
typedef struct {
// initials of the player that made the score
char initials[INITIALS];
// the player's score
uint16_t score;
} bghighscore_t;
void bghighscore_init();
uint8_t bghighscore_checksum();
uint8_t bghighscore_read();
void bghighscore_clear();
void bghighscore_write();
void bghighscore_display_line(int8_t rank, int8_t lcd_line);
void bghighscore_screen();
void bghighscore_alter_initials(uint8_t buttons, int8_t rank, int8_t i);
uint8_t bghighscore_move_cursor(uint8_t buttons, int8_t *i);
void bghighscore_new(int8_t rank, uint16_t score);
void bghighscore_maybe(uint16_t score);
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