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// blockgame
// for NerdKits with ATmega168
// copyright 2011 Bryan Fink
// license: see LICENSE.txt
// utilities for reading and writing the EEPROM
#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include "nkeeprom.h"
char nkeeprom_read_byte(uint16_t address) {
// wait for completion of previous write)
while (EECR & (1<<EEPE)) {}
EEAR = address; //setup address
EECR |= (1<<EERE); //start eeprom read
return EEDR; // return data from register
void nkeeprom_write_byte(char byte, uint16_t address) {
// wait for completion of previous write
while (EECR & (1<<EEPE)) {}
EEAR = address; //setup address
EEDR = byte; //setup data
EECR |= (1<<EEMPE); //enable writes
EECR |= (1<<EEPE); //start write
void nkeeprom_read_bytes(unsigned char* dest, int offset, int count) {
for (; count >= 0; count--, dest++, offset++)
*dest = nkeeprom_read_byte(offset);
void nkeeprom_write_bytes(unsigned char* src, int offset, int count) {
for(; count >= 0; count--, src++, offset++)
nkeeprom_write_byte(*src, offset);
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