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@@ -87,3 +87,38 @@ To compile and program the NerdKit, connect the programmer, and type
of where the NerdKit libraries should be located).
To compile without programming, use 'make blockgame.hex'.
+* Extra Features
+** Scoreboard
+The game features a scoreboard stored in the EEPROM. It's a very
+simple format: three bytes of initial, two bytes of score, repeat
+twice more, then add a byte of checksum. Sixteen bytes total.
+: C
+The two bytes of score are the high byte, then the low byte of a
+16-bit unsigned integer. The checksum is simply the bitwise XOR of
+the other 15 bytes.
+** Sleep
+The game will also put itself to sleep after a period of inactivity
+(no button presses). The idea is to save power by turning off the
+display and shutting down most of the MCU. It will automatically wake
+up and resume where it left off when a button is pressed.
+The two sleep points are: a minute of sitting on the game screen, and
+4 transitions back and forth between the start menu and the highscore
+table. (Another new feature is the "screen saver" mode of the start
+menu, which flips to the highscore table after several seconds.)
+** Testing
+There are also a couple of tests, with room for more. If you run
+'make test' or look in the test/ directory, you'll find them.

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