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Example Luwak-external App
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Luwakapp is a demonstration of the external luwak branch, which uses the Riak Erlang client to communicate with Riak over Protocol Buffers, instead of expecting code to run on a Riak node. The app exposes the same HTTP interface that Riak used to expose itself.


You'll need Riak and Erlang R14B installed. You'll also need rebar.

Setup & Run

Clone this repo:

git clone git://

Build the app:

cd luwakapp
rebar get-deps compile generate

Edit your config. In rel/luwak/etc/, you'll find sys.config. Change the riak_ip and riak_port settings to point to one of your Riak nodes (default Also change the http and/or prefix settings if you want the interface exposed somewhere other than http://localhost:8080/luwak/.

Start the app:

rel/luwak/bin/luwak console

(or use start instead of console, if you'd like it to run in the background).


Interacting with this app should be exactly as described on the Luwak wiki page.

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