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changelog note about new locking (GC-399)

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sampsyo committed Jun 8, 2012
1 parent b487001 commit 0259e7a728bc82ec7bfe23c17f49cf3c569e98b8
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@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@ Changelog
* New metadata fields for `artist credits`_: ``artist_credit`` and
``albumartist_credit`` can now contain release- and recording-specific
variations of the artist's name. See :ref:`itemfields`.
+* Revamped the way beets handles concurrent database access to avoid
+ nondeterministic SQLite-related crashes when using the multithreaded importer.
+ On systems where SQLite was compiled without ``usleep(3)`` support,
+ multithreaded database access could cause an internal error (with the message
+ "database is locked"). This release synchronizes access to the database to
+ avoid internal SQLite contention, which should avoid this error.
* New plugin event: ``import_task_choice`` is called after an import task has an
action assigned.
* New plugin event: ``library_opened`` is called when beets starts up and

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