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import: allow relative paths on Windows

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sampsyo committed Jul 17, 2012
1 parent 70000ec commit b20367dd418d7b0de967d324a9945050f0b4b6e9
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  2. +1 −0 docs/changelog.rst
@@ -644,9 +644,10 @@ def import_files(lib, paths, copy, move, write, autot, logpath, threaded,
# Check the user-specified directories.
for path in paths:
- if not singletons and not os.path.isdir(syspath(path)):
+ fullpath = syspath(normpath(path))
+ if not singletons and not os.path.isdir(fullpath):
raise ui.UserError('not a directory: ' + path)
- elif singletons and not os.path.exists(syspath(path)):
+ elif singletons and not os.path.exists(fullpath):
raise ui.UserError('no such file: ' + path)
# Check parameter consistency.
@@ -91,6 +91,7 @@ art for your music, enable this plugin after upgrading to beets 1.0b15.
represented in the database on Windows; if you find that beets' paths are out
of sync with your filesystem with this release, delete and recreate your
database with ``beet import -AWC /path/to/music``.
+* Fix ``import`` with relative path arguments on Windows.
.. _artist credits:

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