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Just for now

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.. _third_party:

Using Beets in Third-Party Applications

Beets can be used as music library for other applications. Here is a simple example.

First a few imports and the start of a class definition::

from beets import config
from beets import importer
from beets.ui import _open_library

class BeetsWrapper(object):
"""a minimal wrapper for using beets in a 3rd-party
application as a music library."""

Next, define a class that directs beets on how to handle the various options when
importing files. This example uses an inner class that is configured to import
everything without asking questions::

class AutoImportSession(importer.ImportSession):
"""a minimal session class for importing
that does not change files"""

def should_resume(self, path):
return True

def choose_match(self, task):
return importer.action.ASIS

def resolve_duplicate(self, task, found_duplicates):

def choose_item(self, task):
return importer.action.ASIS

We pass in the full path and name of the beets library file and create a
programmatic beets configuration designed to have beets treat the files
on disk as is with no copying or tagging::

def __init__(self, music_library_file_name):
""" music_library_file_name = full path and name of
music database to use """
"configure to keep music in place and do not auto-tag"
config["import"]["autotag"] = False
config["import"]["copy"] = False
config["import"]["move"] = False
config["import"]["write"] = False
config["library"] = music_library_file_name
config["threaded"] = True

# create/open the the beets library
self.lib = _open_library(config)

Importing files into beets is handled by passing this function a list of paths to search::

def import_files(self, list_of_paths):
"""import/reimport music from the list of paths.
Note: This may need some kind of mutex as I
do not know the ramifications of calling
it a second time if there are background
import threads still running.
query = None
loghandler = None # or log.handlers[0]
self.session = BeetsWrapper.AutoImportSession(self.lib,
loghandler, list_of_paths, query)

Queries are passed-through to beets itself::

def query(self, query=None):
"""return list of items from the music DB that
match the given query"""
return self.lib.items(query)

And a short demonstration showing how this class might be used. The demo
assumes there is a directory under it named *Music* that contains music

if __name__ == "__main__":

import os

# this demo places music.db in same lib as this file and
# imports music from <this dir>/Music

path_of_this_file = os.path.dirname(__file__)
MUSIC_DIR = os.path.join(path_of_this_file, "Music")
LIBRARY_FILE_NAME = os.path.join(path_of_this_file,

def print_items(items, description):
print("Results when querying for "+description)
for item in items:
print(" Title: {} by '{}' ".format(item.title,
print(" genre: {}".format(item.genre))
print(" length: {}".format(item.length))
print(" path: {}".format(item.path))

demo = BeetsWrapper(LIBRARY_FILE_NAME)

#import music-this demo does not move, copy or tag the files
demo.import_files([MUSIC_DIR, ])

# sample queries:
items = demo.query()
print_items(items, "all items")

items = demo.query(["artist:heart,", "title:Hold", ])
print_items(items, 'artist="heart" or title contains "Hold"')

items = demo.query(["genre:Hard Rock"])
print_items(items, 'genre = Hard Rock')

The full example is located in `this gist <>`_.
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