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bpd: support decoders command #3222

merged 2 commits into from Apr 20, 2019


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commented Apr 19, 2019

This uses GStreamer APIs to extract a list of audio decoders and the relevant MIME types and file extensions. Some clients like ncmpcpp use this command to fetch a list of supported file extensions.

I'm by no means familiar with GStreamer, and I got some pointers about the relevant APIs from a similar effort in Mopidy: mopidy/mopidy#812. At least ncmpcpp uses this command to fetch the list of supported file extensions (it ignores the rest of the information) and then uses that to tune its interface when browsing local files.

The full output on my system uses this information (format is <plugin> <mime types> <file exts>):

mpegaudioparse {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
openmptdec {'audio/x-mod'} {'stm', 'mod', 'stx', 'dmf', 'dbm', 'dsm', 'ams', 'digi', 'gdm', 'xm', 'umx', 'far', 'j2b', 'imf', 's3m', 'psm', 'sam', '669', 'amf', 'mdl', 'okt', 'it', 'med', 'ult', 'ptm', 'mt2', 'mtm'}
aacparse {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
ac3parse {'audio/x-eac3', 'audio/ac3', 'audio/x-private1-ac3', 'audio/x-ac3'} {'ac3', 'eac3'}
amrparse {'audio/x-amr-nb-sh', 'audio/x-amr-wb-sh'} {'amr'}
dcaparse {'audio/x-private1-dts', 'audio/x-dts'} {'dts'}
flacparse {'audio/x-flac'} {'flac'}
sbcparse {'audio/x-sbc'} {'sbc'}
wavpackparse {'audio/x-wavpack'} {'wvp', 'wv'}
adpcmdec {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
aiffparse {'audio/x-aiff'} {'aifc', 'aif', 'aiff'}
alawdec {'audio/x-alaw'} set()
amrnbdec {'audio/AMR'} set()
amrwbdec {'audio/AMR-WB'} set()
avdec_aac {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_aac_fixed {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_cook {'audio/x-pn-realaudio'} set()
avdec_real_144 {'audio/x-pn-realaudio'} set()
avdec_real_288 {'audio/x-pn-realaudio'} set()
dtsdec {'audio/x-private1-dts', 'audio/x-dts'} {'dts'}
dvdlpcmdec {'audio/x-private1-lpcm', 'audio/x-lpcm', 'audio/x-private-ts-lpcm', 'audio/x-private2-lpcm'} set()
flacdec {'audio/x-flac'} {'flac'}
gmedec {'audio/x-hes', 'audio/x-vgm', 'audio/x-sap', 'audio/x-spc', 'audio/x-nsf', 'audio/x-gym', 'audio/x-gbs', 'audio/x-kss', 'audio/x-ay'} {'spc', 'vgm', 'gbs', 'kss', 'nsf', 'sap', 'gym', 'ay'}
gsmdec {'audio/x-gsm', 'audio/ms-gsm'} {'gsm'}
midiparse {'audio/riff-midi', 'audio/midi'} {'mid', 'midi'}
modplug {'audio/x-xm', 'audio/x-mod', 'audio/x-stm', 'audio/x-it', 'audio/x-s3m'} {'stm', 'mod', 'stx', 'dmf', 'dbm', 'dsm', 'ams', 'digi', 'gdm', 'xm', 'umx', 'far', 'j2b', 'imf', 's3m', 'psm', 'sam', '669', 'amf', 'mdl', 'okt', 'it', 'med', 'ult', 'ptm', 'mt2', 'mtm'}
mulawdec {'audio/x-mulaw'} set()
musepackdec {'audio/x-musepack'} {'mpp', 'mp+', 'mpc'}
ogmaudioparse {'application/x-ogm-audio'} set()
opusdec {'audio/x-opus'} set()
sbcdec {'audio/x-sbc'} {'sbc'}
siddec {'audio/x-sid'} {'sid'}
speexdec {'audio/x-speex'} set()
vorbisdec {'audio/x-vorbis'} set()
wavpackdec {'audio/x-wavpack'} {'wvp', 'wv'}
wavparse {'audio/x-wav'} {'wav'}
a52dec {'audio/ac3', 'audio/x-private1-ac3', 'audio/x-ac3'} {'ac3', 'eac3'}
auparse {'audio/x-au'} {'au', 'snd'}
avdec_sipr {'audio/x-sipro'} set()
faad {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
fluiddec {'audio/x-midi-event'} set()
avdec_aac_latm {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_ac3 {'audio/x-ac3'} {'ac3', 'eac3'}
avdec_ac3_fixed {'audio/x-ac3'} {'ac3', 'eac3'}
avdec_adpcm_4xm {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_adx {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ct {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea_r1 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea_r2 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea_r3 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ea_xas {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_amv {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_dk3 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_dk4 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_ea_sead {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_iss {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_qt {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_smjpeg {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_wav {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ima_ws {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_ms {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_sbpro_2 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_sbpro_3 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_sbpro_4 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_swf {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_thp {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_xa {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_adpcm_yamaha {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_alac {'audio/x-alac'} set()
avdec_amrnb {'audio/AMR'} set()
avdec_amrwb {'audio/AMR-WB'} set()
avdec_ape {'audio/x-ffmpeg-parsed-ape'} set()
avdec_atrac1 {'audio/'} set()
avdec_atrac3 {'audio/'} set()
avdec_dca {'audio/x-dts'} {'dts'}
avdec_dsd_lsbf {'audio/x-dsd'} set()
avdec_dsd_lsbf_planar {'audio/x-dsd'} set()
avdec_dsd_msbf {'audio/x-dsd'} set()
avdec_dsd_msbf_planar {'audio/x-dsd'} set()
avdec_dvaudio {'audio/x-dv'} set()
avdec_eac3 {'audio/x-eac3'} set()
avdec_flac {'audio/x-flac'} {'flac'}
avdec_g722 {'audio/G722'} set()
avdec_g726 {'audio/x-adpcm'} set()
avdec_g729 {'audio/G729'} set()
avdec_gsm {'audio/x-gsm'} {'gsm'}
avdec_gsm_ms {'audio/ms-gsm'} set()
avdec_imc {'audio/x-imc'} set()
avdec_interplay_dpcm {'audio/x-dpcm'} set()
avdec_mace3 {'audio/x-mace'} set()
avdec_mace6 {'audio/x-mace'} set()
avdec_mlp {'audio/x-mlp'} set()
avdec_mp1float {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_mp2float {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_mp3 {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_mp3adu {'audio/x-gst-av-mp3adufloat'} set()
avdec_mp3adufloat {'audio/x-gst-av-mp3adufloat'} set()
avdec_mp3float {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
avdec_mp3on4 {'audio/x-gst-av-mp3on4float'} set()
avdec_mp3on4float {'audio/x-gst-av-mp3on4float'} set()
avdec_mpc7 {'audio/x-ffmpeg-parsed-musepack'} set()
avdec_mpc8 {'audio/x-ffmpeg-parsed-musepack'} set()
avdec_nellymoser {'audio/x-nellymoser'} set()
avdec_opus {'audio/x-opus'} set()
avdec_qcelp {'audio/qcelp'} {'qcp'}
avdec_qdm2 {'audio/x-qdm2'} set()
avdec_roq_dpcm {'audio/x-dpcm'} set()
avdec_s302m {'audio/x-smpte-302m'} set()
avdec_shorten {'audio/x-shorten'} {'shn'}
avdec_sol_dpcm {'audio/x-dpcm'} set()
avdec_truehd {'audio/x-true-hd'} set()
avdec_truespeech {'audio/x-truespeech'} set()
avdec_tta {'audio/x-tta'} set()
avdec_twinvq {'audio/x-twin-vq'} set()
avdec_vmdaudio {'audio/x-gst-av-vmdaudio'} set()
avdec_wmalossless {'audio/x-wma'} set()
avdec_wmapro {'audio/x-wma'} set()
avdec_wmav1 {'audio/x-wma'} set()
avdec_wmav2 {'audio/x-wma'} set()
avdec_wmavoice {'audio/x-wms'} set()
avdec_ws_snd1 {'audio/x-gst-av-ws_snd1'} set()
avdec_xan_dpcm {'audio/x-dpcm'} set()
mpg123audiodec {'audio/mpeg'} {'mp2', 'mp1', 'adif', 'mpga', 'aac', 'adts', 'loas', 'mp3'}
sfdec {'audio/x-nist', 'audio/x-svx', 'audio/x-w64', 'audio/x-paris', 'audio/x-sds', 'audio/x-rf64', 'audio/x-voc', 'audio/x-xi', 'audio/x-ircam'} {'sds', 'sf', 'iff', 'w64', 'nist', 'xi', 'svx', 'paf', 'voc', 'rf64'}
sirendec {'audio/x-siren'} set()
unalignedaudioparse {'audio/x-unaligned-raw'} set()
wildmididec {'audio/riff-midi', 'audio/midi'} {'mid', 'midi'}
opusparse {'audio/x-opus'} set()
rawaudioparse {'audio/x-unaligned-raw', 'audio/x-mulaw', 'audio/x-alaw', 'audio/x-raw'} set()
vorbisparse {'audio/x-vorbis'} set()

I'm not sure if it's necessary to break this down by GStreamer element like this, or whether we should just show a single plugin: gstreamer and dump all the supported types and extensions under that section. I haven't yet seen an MPD client that uses anything other than the the file extension fields.

bpd: support decoders command
This uses GStreamer APIs to extract a list of audio decoders and the
relevant MIME types and file extensions. Some clients like ncmpcpp use
this command to fetch a list of supported file extensions.

@arcresu arcresu referenced this pull request Apr 19, 2019


bpd: support MPD 0.16 protocol and more clients #3214

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Looks perfect. 🎉 🚀 I can't imagine any player will care about the composition into "plugins," but it also seems harmless, so I see no reason to flatten the list. LGTM!!

@arcresu arcresu merged commit 063e4f2 into beetbox:master Apr 20, 2019

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