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beets 1.4.9

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@sampsyo sampsyo released this 31 May 00:09
· 2545 commits to master since this release

This small update is part of our attempt to release new versions more often! There are a few important fixes, and we're clearing the deck for a change to beets' dependencies in the next version.

The new feature is:

  • You can use the NO_COLOR environment variable to disable terminal colors. #3273

There are some fixes in this release:

  • Fix a regression in the last release that made the image resizer fail to detect older versions of ImageMagick. #3269
  • gmusic: The oauth_file config option now supports more flexible path values, including ~ for the home directory. #3270
  • gmusic: Fix a crash when using version 12.0.0 or later of the gmusicapi module. #3270
  • Fix an incompatibility with Python 3.8's AST changes. #3278

Here's a note for packagers:

  • pathlib is now an optional test dependency on Python 3.4+, removing the need for a Debian patch. #3275