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This is the beets wiki. It's home to developer documentation and semi-coherent notes about the beets project. If you're looking for help using beets, take a look at the beets documentation.

These wiki pages may be relevant to users:

  • Hacking: How to get involved with the beets project (even if you're not a programmer!). Also, how to live on the cutting edge by running beets from source.
  • Concepts: A high-level description of the theory of beets and its internals.
  • Cookbook: A collection of recipes for using beets to do amazing things.

These pages are more of interest to developers:

  • MediaFile: The (reusable) infrastructure included with beets for reading and writing the tags on music files.
  • Testing: Notes on the test cases.
  • Optimization: If we ever get to a point where performance is a higher priority than functionality, this page lists some possible optimization opportunities.
  • Refactoring: Some plans for small- to medium-sized refactorings that beets might need.
  • ReleaseChecklist: How to make a new release of beets.
  • Architecture: Evolving notes about the project's software architecture.
  • Python3: Notes on porting beets to Python 3.x.
  • Issues: How we manage bug reports and feature requests.

Finally, these pages are mainly compendia of notes that may be helpful someday.

  • MacOSX: Some Mac-centric quirks.
  • Packaging: Notes on packaging for different operating systems.
  • PriorArt: Notes on other projects that we can learn from