Docker container for NeuralTalk
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Docker container for NeuralTalk2. See

[RECOMMENDED] Another docker-neuraltalk2 project, lighter (1.4GB) and more complete, with GPU support, and also intended to work on a Raspberry2:

Install docker

Example for RHEL (CentOS)

sudo yum install -y docker
sudo gpasswd -a ${USER} docker
newgrp docker
sudo service docker start

Get image

Requires git

  • Build the image:
docker build -t neuraltalk2
  • Or pull it from Docker Hub (>3GB):
docker pull beevaenriqueotero/docker-neuraltalk2

Run container

docker run -i -t neuraltalk2 /bin/bash


docker run -i -t beevaenriqueotero/docker-neuraltalk2 /bin/bash

More info


Add GPU support