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This is the homepage for the BeeWare project.

It is a Lektor-based site.

If you want to contribute a modification, you can fork this repository and submit a pull request. However, do not fork the master branch - fork the lektor branch and make changes there instead.

If you want to test out a change before you submit it, create a virtual environment, and install Lektor:

$ python3 -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
(venv) $ python -m pip install lektor

Then from the root directory of the checkout, run:

(venv) $ lektor server

This will start a webserver that will autoreload whenever you make a change to site content.


You can talk to the community through:


If you find problems with this website, log them on GitHub. If you want to contribute, please fork the code and submit a pull request.

Before submitting a pull request, please make sure your forked branch is up to date with the original branch. To do this:

  • set your upstream remote:

    $ git remote add upstream
  • make sure you have the latest changes from upstream:

    $ git fetch upstream
  • rebase your lektor branch to upstream before pushing to git and submitting a pull request:

    $ git rebase upstream/lektor


Want to make BeeWare more accessible to non-English-speakers? Help translate the site! Steps are as follows:

  1. Add language specification to BeeWare.lektorproject.

    Fill out the name of the language, its url prefix, and the locale. Make sure you use the correct ISO 639-1 locale code - for many countries, it's not the same as the national TLD. For example, the ISO 639-1 Danish locale is 'da', but Denmark uses the '.dk' TLD.

  2. Add an entry for your language to the Atom configuration.

  3. Add your first translation, by translating the names for the menus at the top of each page. Edit the menus translation file, adding a block for your language.

  4. Start adding translations for content pages on the site. Translated files are at the same directory level as the primary English files, but have a language suffix. For example, Arabic's locale is 'ar', so you would add wherever the original file name is

A great place to start translating is the contributing section.