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A GUI tool for running Python test suites.
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Cricket is part of the BeeWare suite. The project website is

Cricket is a graphical tool that helps you run your test suites.

Normal test runners dump all output to the console, and provide very little detail while the suite is running. As a result:

  • You can't start looking at failures until the test suite has completed running,
  • It isn't a very accessible format for identifying patterns in test failures,
  • It can be hard (or cumbersome) to re-run any tests that have failed.

Why the name cricket? Test Cricket is the most prestigious version of the game of cricket. Games last for up to 5 days... just like running some test suites. The usual approach for making cricket watchable is a generous dose of beer; in programming, Ballmer Peak limits come into effect, so something else is required...


At present, Cricket has support for:

  • unittest test suites; and
  • pytest test suites; and
  • Django 1.6+ project test suites

To use Cricket, install it with pip:

$ pip install cricket

Then, to run your unittest suite:

$ cricket-unittest

Or, in a pytest project:

$ cricket-pytest

Or, in a Django project:

$ cricket-django

cricket-django will also work in Django's own tests directory -- i.e., you can use cricket-django to run Django's own test suite (for Django 1.6 or later).

Running cricket will display a GUI window. Hit "Run all", and watch your test suite execute. A progress bar is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the window, along with an estimate of time remaining.

While the suite is running, you can click on test names to see the output of that test. The icon in the tree, and the summary panel on the right, will display the status of the test, as well as any output or error text.


Documentation for cricket can be found on Read The Docs.


Cricket is part of the BeeWare suite. You can talk to the community through:

We foster a welcoming and respectful community as described in our BeeWare Community Code of Conduct.


Icons for Cricket come from Icons8, and are used under the terms of a CC BY-ND 3.0 license.


If you experience problems with cricket, log them on GitHub. If you want to contribute code, please fork the code and submit a pull request.

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