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The classic Usborne computer programming books - now in Python!
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A project resurrecting the classic 1980's Usborne Computer Guide books, for a new generation of programmers.

This project is hosted on Read The Docs

The original content is from Usborne and is used under the following terms:

Copyright notice

These pdf copies of the original Usborne Computer Guides published in the 1980s are free to download for your own personal or educational use. The books and files are the copyright of Usborne Publishing. You can provide a link to the pdfs from your website, but you may not host or distribute the original files.

Adapting the programs

You may adapt any of the programs in these books to modern computer languages, and share the adaptations freely online. You may not use the adaptations for commercial purposes. Please credit the name of the Usborne book from which you adapted the program, and provide a link to this webpage.

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