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A Wordpress Development Theme

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A Lightweight Wordpress Development Theme

Bones is designed to make the life of developers easier. It's built
using HTML5 & has a strong semantic foundation. It was updated recently
using some of the HTML5 Boilerplate's recommended markup and setup.
There are also a ton of bonus features such as page navi, breadcrumbs,
related posts, and html5 video with fallback. It's constantly growing
so be sure to check back often if you are a frequent user.  

Designed by Eddie Machado

XHTML/CSS released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence.

Special Thanks to:
Paul Irish & the HTML5 Boilerplate
Yoast for some WP functions & optimization ideas
Andrew Rogers for code optimization
David Dellanave for speed & code optimization
and several other developers. :)

For support and or questions please head over to these helpful pages:


Submit Bugs & or Fixes:

To view Release & Update Notes, read the log.txt file inside 
the library folder.

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