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Beez Innovation Labs Private Limited

Our Vision - "Make Business and Technology come together for augmenting people to create Digital Future"


We are a company aiming to unleash the boundless potential of Hyperautomation and to harness its transformative power in creating a better tomorrow for the present and the future. We breathe technology and our Automation & Digital platforms are actively shaping the world. We take on challenges with a positive stride, understand what lies at the heart of them and convert them into growth opportunities. The sheer joy of cracking challenges to attain excellence is the fuel that we operate on.

We are defined by diversity of all kinds, open in the way we listen, honest in the way we speak, transparent in the way we transact, voracious in the way we feed our appetite for understanding unique viewpoints and experiences. We erase boundaries between ourselves and our customers through continuously shared learning and growth. Our successes aren’t merely linked, they’re inseparably fused.

Our Vision

To make Business and Technology come together for augmenting people to create Digital Future

Our Mission

Build products and solutions which will bestow the working ways of mankind beyond their imagination by focusing on the existing complications and create platforms using latest cutting-edge technologies & bring in the change through excellence from innovative solutions and micro services which will drive the empowerment to mankind for a digital future.


  1. argo-app-update-release argo-app-update-release Public

    Action to update an argo cd app manifest when a release is made in the source code

  2. active-directory-b2c-custom-policy-starterpack active-directory-b2c-custom-policy-starterpack Public

    Forked from Azure-Samples/active-directory-b2c-custom-policy-starterpack

    Azure AD B2C now allows uploading of a Custom Policy which allows full control and customization of the Identity Experience Framework

  3. mongoose-uuid mongoose-uuid Public


  4. bpmn-js-properties-panel bpmn-js-properties-panel Public

    Forked from bpmn-io/bpmn-js-properties-panel

    properties panel bpmn-js.



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