Trivial template system for apache httpd configuration files
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apachesubst - Template engine for Apache HTTPD configuration files


apachesubst provides a trivial way to generate configuration files from templates.


  • Easy to learn: Simple syntax (Tcl syntax)
  • Easy to use: Generate site configurations from templates in seconds
  • Powerful: Change all generated config files by changing its template
  • Flexible: Can be used to generate arbitrary configuration files. (not limited to apache)
  • Unobtrusive: Can be used with manually managed configuration files.
  • Slim: Less than 100 Lines-of-Code. Check it out yourself.


Required packages:

  • Tcl 8.5 or later
  • fileutil (usually installed with tcllib)


Just copy templates, Makefile and apachesubst.tcl to your apache sites-available directory, e.g. /etc/apache2/sites-available.

Quick Introduction

  • Take a look at the examples: sample*.tmpl
  • Type make
  • Done.


A template file consists of text and Tcl commands. Tcl commands are enclosed in square brackets []. Example:

This is a [return "test"].

This alone would be a sufficient template engine by itself. In order to make repetitive tasks even more convenient, a few commands have been defined (see 'Extra Commands' below).

Extra Commands

  • substitute ...: apply arguments to templating/substitution process
  • include <filename>: include template file. usually used to include templates
  • include_raw <filename>: include file as is
  • raw <data>: use as is
  • define_template <name> <data>: define template
  • use_template <name> ...: use template with arguments as defined
  • value <varname> <default>: use variable if available, or otherwise default value
  • include_template_args [<num=0>]: use inside define_template definition: insert argument