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Datasets can be added in several ways, you can upload a dataset using the

  • BEFdata workbook,
  • create a dataset page online,
  • upload data from a .csv file, or
  • push data through a web-service such as from the R-statistical computing environment using our rbefdata package.

Uploading data using the BEFdata workbook

Using our pre-formatted Excel(TM)2003 workbook is the easiest option, since it allows you to prepare nearly all metadata needed and thus reduces the time clicking through the validation steps online.

Begin with downloading a dataset that somewhat resembles your data in the workbook form. This can also be a dataset that contains the general information on your study plots or study objects. Remove all data collumns you do not need. Remember, you dataset is only on the data that you provide for the project! Not on the data that others have also provided and you use in your analysis. Try to not add data to the database which you have not measured yourself, to avoid redundancy.

Data access levels such as "free for project" are set during metadata upload.

Go to the data page to upload data.

Data request history

Choose to create a new dataset:

Data request history

Identify the workbook on your local machine:

Check the meta information and save the dataset. You can then go on to validate the data columns.

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