Create a placeholder dataset

Karin Nadrowski edited this page Aug 16, 2013 · 5 revisions

Placeholder datasets are datasets, that are still waiting to receive their primary data. Data managers as well as users can use them to indicate the data structure of the data to come, and to link them to paper proposals.

Just create a new dataset page providing all the information you have. Remove yourself from the data owners using the green cross!

Make sure that everybody understand that this is a preliminary dataset! You can add "preliminary data" to the title, so everyone knows. When the data is updated, you can change the title of the dataset.

It is a good idea to create a workbook, in which the identifiers for the study objects are listed and already associated to the correct data groups. Users often have a harder time to choose the appropriate data groups. So if you know as a data manager, that this data set will have to contain data from certain data groups, use them! For example: Species names, Plot identifiers, Tree identifiers, Diameter at breastheight, Plant height, Aboveground biomass. This will help the user to provide appropriate information.

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