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Datasets combine one tabular data table consisting of several Datacolumns with metadata that can be exported in EML format and additional files for the dataset. They can be used in Paper proposals, which ensures that data ownership is propagated and transparent in the process of analysing and publishing data.

Depending on your role there are different Data access levels, such that visitors can only see and download metadata unless a dataset is set free for public.

The data index page lists all the datasets that have been uploaded to the portal. Keywords from already uploaded datasets are displayed as a tag cloud in the right-hand column. Clicking on a keyword displays links to all the datasets tagged by the keyword. Logged on users are also able to upload datasets from this page by clicking on the [Create new dataset](Add dataset as user) link.

Clicking on a dataset name opens the overview page of the dataset. This page displays the metadata, datacolumn details and actions that the current user is able to perform on the dataset. The dataset page lists all the Paper proposals which have requested this dataset, as well as a summary of all its Datacolumns. Data and metadata can be uploaded at once using the BEFdata workbook.

There are several ways to change data (see pictures below or Changing and Versioning).

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