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Keywords can be attached to Datasets and Datacolumns. Since data columns belong to one dataset, BEFdata aggregates all keywords of a dataset, using both the dataset and datacolumn keywords. BEFdata provides an own webpage on all keywords, and a webpage for each single keyword. The latter lists all datasets referencing a keyword through the dataset or through the data columns.

Both webpages, all keywords and single keywords, can be accessed from the dataset listing and each dataset page. Dataset keywords can be edited through the metadata of a dataset, and data column keywords through the metadata of a data column.

Keywords can also be uploaded through the BEFdata workbook. In this case, keywords are added in the column "Keywords" of the sheet "Data column descriptions". The BEFdata workbook cannot upload dataset keywords, only data column keywords. An advantage of adding keywords through the BEFdata interface and not through the workbook is that the interface suggests existing keywords while you type. This avoids redundancy in keywords.