Paper proposal setup for data managers

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Although users can set up their own paper proposals, often the data managers are asked to do so for the users. In this case the data managers can use such paper proposals for updating the list of datasets. Here is how: paper proposals are linked to datasets and data managers can use the information by the user on which data is used in a paper proposal to set up placeholders for datasets that are expected to come.

Data managers can set up paper proposals and placeholder dataset without having to login as the user, but they will have to remove themselves from the list of owners.

Admins can approve project board and data owner votes for a paper proposal.


  1. Set up the paper proposal like any user would do, you do not have to log in as this user.
  2. Choose the correct user as main author of the proposal. Choose the correct project. Make use of typing the first letters of the user and the project, you will be guided to the appropriate entry.
  3. Add the other authors as "Main contributors". If there are authors that are not members of you project, mention them in the comments of the proposal. You can also ask the authors, if these persons should be included into the project database. As a rule of thumb: Everybody owning data should also be member of the project, since otherwise the ownership of the data cannot be tracked.
  4. Identify the datasets used in this paper proposal. Have them open in separate tabs, so you can copy and paste them later. A good start for looking for datasets is to go to the page of the project or the author of the proposal.
  5. If a dataset is not existing, create a placeholder dataset for this data. Communicate this to the data user.
  6. Link the new placeholder datasets to the paper proposal: Add dataset to paper proposal

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