Paper proposals

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What are paper proposals?

Add dataset to paper proposal

Add informative file to paper proposal

Paper proposal setup for users

Paper proposal setup for data managers

Paper proposals in general

Paper proposals are containers for research ideas and transparent data exchange. They are listed on the "paper" page of the BEFdata portal. For visitors of the site, only published paper proposals are visible, for members of the site after log-in, all paper proposals are visible. Paper proposals can have different states, "in preparation", "manuscript available", "accepted".

Paper proposals collect all datasets needed for a research idea.

They submit data requests for data owners, if you choose data sets for your paper proposals. You gain access to these data sets after the project board and all data owners have accepted your request.

The paper proposal gives you different e-mail lists of proposal proponents and data owners.

After the project board has accepted your proposal, you cannot delete the proposal anymore, however, you can flag it for deletion. In this case, an admin or data admin can delete the paper proposal. It is visible for them on the paper proposal page of the BEFdata portal.

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