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Safe Exploration with MPC and Gaussian process models
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Learning-based Model Predictive Control for Safe Exploration

This code accompanies the following paper:

[1]T. Koller, F. Berkenkamp, M. Turchetta, A. Krause, Learning-based Model Predictive Control for Safe Exploration in Proc. of the Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 2018


Install the library including all dependencies with.

pip install -e ".[test,visualization,ssm_gpy,ssm_pytroch]"

test for the testing tools. visualization for visualizations such as matplotlib. ssm_gpy and ssm_pytorch for state space models based on GPy or PyTorch, respectively.

Experiments can be run using the experiments/ script.

Test can be run using pytest. There are also more sophisticated style tests in scripts/

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