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fijkplayer -- Flutter plugin for ijkplayer

fijkplayer is a media player plugin for flutter ecosystem which wraps the native ijkplayer into flutter and supports both Android and iOS. fijkplayer uses ijkplayer as the player kernel. The ijkplayer uses ffmpeg for audio and video demuxing and decoding, while adding hardware-accelerated decoding capabilities specific to Android and iOS platforms.

fijkplayer has the same playback capabilities as ijkplayer and is very convenient to use. fijkplayer's API is easy to use, and it's easy to add fijkplayer to your flutter app. There is no need bu build ffmpeg and native ijkplayer yourself.

fijkplayer brings the video from native to Flutter through Texture, which has better performance than PlatformView. fijkplayer has build-in ijkplayer, which hosted separately on jcenter and CocoaPods.

This site contains a lot of fijkplayer documentation to help you use and understand fijkplayer.


Start your journey about fijkplayer:


If you find any inappropriate or erroneous content while reading, please correct it on github issues or submit a pull request .