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beGateway Payment Module for CS-Cart

This is a Payment Module for CS-Cart, that gives you the ability to process payments through payment service providers running on beGateway platform.


  • CS-Cart 4.2.x version


  1. Download the payment module add-on
  2. In the CS-Cart administration panel, go to Add-Ons and install the payment module add-on
  3. In the administration panel, go to Administration > Payment methods.
  4. Click the Add payment button on the right.
  5. Enter Credit and debit card into the Name text input field, select beGateway in the Processor drop-down select box, enter necessary description (for instance: VISA, Mastercard, etc...) and/or surcharge values into the appropriate input fields, upload an image if needed.
  6. Open the Configure tab in the same window in order to view the beGateway settings section.
  7. Fill in the following fields:
    • Shop ID - your shop Id.
    • Shop key - your secret key that has been set for your shop.
    • Select payments methods to enable during checkout
    • Select a transaction type: payment or authorization
  8. Click the Save button to save the changes.
  9. Test your setup with test card and test data set
  10. Ask your account manager to go your shop to production

Test data

If you setup the module with default values, you can use the test data to make a test payment:

  • Shop ID 361
  • Secret key b8647b68898b084b836474ed8d61ffe117c9a01168d867f24953b776ddcb134d
  • Payment page domain

Test card details

  • Card number 4200000000000000
  • Card name John Doe
  • Card expiry date 01/20 to get a success payment
  • Card expiry date 10/20 to get a failed payment
  • CVC 123

ERIP test service code

  • Use 99999999 to emulate test ERIP payments


Payment module to accept payments via beGateway platform for CS-Cart 4.2.x







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