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Let people pay you for any or no reason.
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What's the fuss? Let them pay you!

How come only stores accept debit/credit cards? You should be able to accept them too. Let your friends send you some money, or charge for impromptu consulting. Just deploy this app to Heroku, change some variables and you're in business.

This thing doesn't ask the customer much, just for an email and the payment amount. All the credit card info stays on Stripe so you have nothing to worry about.

You can see it in action here. If you like it, why not donate? ;)


  1. Get a Stripe account and find your API keys.
  2. Fork and clone this repo.
  3. Get a Heroku account.
  4. Deploy this app to a new Heroku instance.
  5. Set the environment variables (see below).
  6. Profit? Quite possibly.

For each variable below, set its value in your heroku instance by running $ heroku config:add VARIABLE_NAME=value.

Value Variable Name Example
Your Name PAYEE_NAME John Doe
Your Twitter Handle PAYEE_TWITTER jdoe
Shorthand url of your site PAYEE_SITE
Full URL of your site PAYEE_SITE_URL
Stripe public key STRIPE_PUBLISHABLE_KEY pk_xyz
Stripe private key STRIPE_SECRET_KEY sk_abc

Requesting Payment?

If you are using lucre to collect an owed debt you can create a customized link to your lucre installation with a specified email and/or amount you intend to collect.

The above will fill-in the email address of the person from whom you are collecting monies.

The above will fill-in your client's email address and amount to be collected, in this case $47.39.


To run this project locally in development, copy the .env.example to .env and fill in the blanks. It contains the environment variables described in the table above. The app does not require setting up a database.

Use the stripe test credentials provided in your account to use fake cards without issuing real charges. There are a variety of test card numbers to simulate any kind of error or card event.


Lucre is Copyright © 2013 Joe Nelson. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.

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