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Postgres access in Sinatra without an ORM

This is a Sinatra application template that provides lightweight SQL-only analogues to Rails' database features.

  • configure separate databases for each Rack environment
  • maintain versioned migrations (in raw SQL)
  • easy access to sql function in app code to run queries

This template is for competent Postgres users who don't want an object relational mapper getting between them and their sweet, sweet SQL.

How to use

  1. clone this repo
  2. bundle
  3. copy db/config.rb.example to db/config.rb
  4. edit it and provide database configuration parameters
  5. rake db:create

The database is now ready, and at schema version 0. If you run the application at this point, it will simply output this schema number.

Creating a migration

  1. rake migration
  2. it creates db/timestamp.up.sql and db/timestamp.down.sql
  3. edit these files to (un)do whatever you want

Running a migration

Running rake db:migrate[version, environment] will execute the necessary up/down migration sql files to end up at the version specified. If none is specified, i.e. rake db:migrate, it will default to the newest. The environment defaults to 'development.'

Executing queries

In your application code use the sql function. For an example look in app.rb.


This library would be more flexible as a gem. If anyone wants to help, your pull requests are welcome.