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Implementation in PHP to access User, Project and Work in Progress data
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Behance API Logo

Behance Network API / PHP (5.2+)

Basic implementation to access User, Project, Work in Progress and Collection data

See for more information and documentation.


Get an API key by registering your application here:

Install via Composer

   "require": {
     "behance/api-network": "~2.0.0"


require_once( './vendor/autoload.php' );

$client = new Behance\Client( $client_id );

// User data
$client->getUser( 'bryan' );

// User's list of projects
$client->getUserProjects( 'bryan' );

// User's work in progress
$client->getUserWips( 'cfaydi' );

// Project data
$client->getProject( 2812719 );

// Project's comments
$client->getProjectComments( 2812719 );

// Featured project list
$client->searchProjects( array() );

// Search for motorcycles
$client->searchProjects( array( 'q' => 'motorcycles' ) );


  1. Requires PHP 5.2+
  2. PHP cURL module
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