Examples and Tutorials for "behave" to simplify use for new developers.
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behave.example: Examples and Tutorials

Date: 2016-10-22
Category:BDD, testing

behave is a BDD test framework and cucumber-clone for Python. This project provides tutorials and examples how to use behave. It should extends the excellent documentation of behave.



The project provides tutorials and examples. Therefore, it should not be installed. To prepare the local installation, use the following command to install all prerequisites:

pip install -r py.requirements.txt

Snapshots of the behave and parse_type implementations are provided in the directory lib/python/. This directory is automatically used when you use bin/behave to run behave.


Cleanup local workspace:

invoke clean

Run behave tests:

invoke test


bin/behave features/
bin/behave datatype.features/
bin/behave step_matcher.features/

Build Sphinx-based documentation with tutorials:

invoke docs

If invoke is not installed, use the following canned script instead:

bin/invoke command ...


  • The behave PrettyFormatter is replaced with pretty2.SimplePrettyFormatter.

    This formatter implementation avoids cursor-ups while processing steps. ANSI escape cursor-up sequences do not work with sphinxcontrib-ansi when the sphinx-based documentation is generated (experimental feature for colorized behave output support).

  • sphinxcontrib-ansi does not process the following ANSI escape sequences correctly (set-color, set-bold):


    The color is reset in HTML output when set-bold is detected. The following ANSI escape sequence should be used instead:


    The behave runner, that is used here, patches the original functionality to use the second solution ("use_ansi_escape_colorbold_composites()").

  • The coloring schema in behave is adapted by setting the environment variable ("grey" is replaced with "white"):

  • To disable "ANSI coloring" support for Sphinx, set "ansiterm_supported = False" in "docs/conf.py". Note that this is not necessary on Windows.