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Using pip (or ...)

Category:Stable version
Precondition::pypi:`pip` (or :pypi:`setuptools`) is installed

Execute the following command to install :pypi:`behave` with :pypi:`pip`:

pip install behave

To update an already installed :pypi:`behave` version, use:

pip install -U behave


See also pip related information for installing Python packages.

Using a Source Distribution

After unpacking the :pypi:`behave` source distribution, enter the newly created directory "behave-<version>" and run:

python install

# OR:
pip install .

Using the Github Repository

Category:Bleeding edge
Precondition::pypi:`pip` is installed

Run the following command to install the newest version from the Github repository:

pip install git+

To install a tagged version from the Github repository, use:

pip install git+<tag>

where <tag> is the placeholder for an existing tag.

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