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Django Test Integration

There are now at least 2 projects that integrate Django and :pypi:`behave`. Both use a LiveServerTestCase to spin up a runserver for the tests automatically, and shut it down when done with the test run. The approach used for integrating Django, though, varies slightly.

Provides a dedicated management command. Easy, automatic integration (thanks to monkey patching). Behave tests are run with python behave. Allows running tests against an existing database as a special feature. See setup behave-django and usage instructions.
Provides a Django-specific TestRunner for Behave, which is set with the TEST_RUNNER property in your settings. Behave tests are run with the usual python test <app_name> by default. See setup django-behave instructions.

Manual Integration

Alternatively, you can integrate Django using the following boilerplate code in your file:

# -- FILE: my_django/
from behave import fixture
import django
from django.test.runner import DiscoverRunner
from django.test.testcases import LiveServerTestCase

def django_test_runner(context):
    context.test_runner = DiscoverRunner()
    context.old_db_config = context.test_runner.setup_databases()

def django_test_case(context):
    context.test_case = LiveServerTestCase
    del context.test_case
# -- FILE: features/
from behave import use_fixture
from my_django.behave_fixtures import django_test_runner, django_test_case
import os

os.environ["DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE"] = "test_project.settings"

def before_all(context):
    use_fixture(django_test_runner, context)

def before_scenario(context, scenario):
    use_fixture(django_test_case, context)

Taken and adapted from Andrey Zarubin's blog post "BDD. PyCharm + Python & Django".

Strategies and Tooling

See :ref:`id.practicaltips` for automation libraries and implementation tips on your BDD tests.

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