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BiCon - The Bidirectional Console


 - FriBiDi >= 0.10.4 (library AND headers)


You need the FriBidi library to compile this program. Probably
you have it in your distribution. If not, get it from

Installation is simple, the usual steps:

	make install


This program currently can be used under Linux console, or
terminal emulators with basic Unicode rendering support, like
gnome-terminal, xterm, or PuTTY.

Simply run "bicon" to get a console supporting Arabic or Persian.
The language used is chosen according to the LANG environment

You can also choose the language country by specifying the country on
the country on the command line, e.g ::

	bicon sa          # enables Arabic (Saudi Arabia) support
	bicon ir          # for Persian (Iran)

You can use the alt+shift combination to switch keyboard language.

Of course, you have a man page bicon(1) to check.

Reporting Bugs

Please report all bugs to