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Native ZFS for Linux
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Allow recovery from corrupted snapshot maps

If the ZAP object containing a snapshot map is corrupted due to an
unrecoverable checksum error or otherwise, dsl_dataset_name() will
normally panic the system due to its VERIFY.

This patch attempts to allow a recovery avenue from such situations by
manufacturing a descriptive snapshot name and then ignoring the error.
Scrubbing a pool with this type of corruption will then show the affected
object in the error list rather than panicking.

The recovery code is only enabled when the zfs_recover module parameter
is set.

Signed-off-by: Tim Chase <>
Signed-off-by: Brian Behlendorf <>
Closes #3705
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@dweeezil dweeezil authored committed
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cmd ztest: display non-index properties properly at verbose level 6
config Add compatibility layer for {kmap,kunmap}_atomic
contrib Make sure that POOL_IMPORTED is set, unset and checked where appropri…
etc Fix some minor issues with the SYSV init and initramfs scripts.
include Check large block feature flag on volumes
lib Check large block feature flag on volumes
man Update arc_memory_throttle() to check pageout
module Allow recovery from corrupted snapshot maps
rpm Set default _initconfdir directory
scripts Use truncate instead of fallocate in
udev Support parallel build trees (VPATH builds)
.gitignore Ignore *.{deb,rpm,tar.gz} files in the top directory.
.gitmodules Add compatibility test script
AUTHORS Add a missing > to AUTHORS
COPYRIGHT Update ZED copyright boilerplate
DISCLAIMER Fix minor typos and update marketing copy.
META Tag zfs-0.6.4 Support parallel build trees (VPATH builds)
README.markdown Fix minor typos and update marketing copy. build: do not call boilerplate ourself Move dracut directory to contrib
copy-builtin Consistent menuconfig name Initial implementation of zed (ZFS Event Daemon) Move zfs.release generation to configure step


Native ZFS for Linux!

ZFS is an advanced file system and volume manager which was originally developed for Solaris and is now maintained by the Illumos community.

ZFS on Linux, which is also known as ZoL, is currently feature complete. It includes fully functional and stable SPA, DMU, ZVOL, and ZPL layers.

Full documentation for installing ZoL on your favorite Linux distribution can be found at:

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