Native ZFS for Linux
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Latest commit 71788d9 Nov 13, 2017 @behlendorf behlendorf Disable zvol_ENOSPC_001_pos on 32-bit systems
Occasionally observed failure of zvol_ENOSPC_001_pos due to the
test case taking too long to complete.  Disable the test case until
it can be improved.

Reviewed-by: George Melikov <>
Reviewed-by: Giuseppe Di Natale <>
Signed-off-by: Brian Behlendorf <>
Issue #5848 
Closes #6862
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.github commitcheck: Multiple OpenZFS ports in commit Oct 26, 2017
cmd Fix -d crash with Python3 Nov 12, 2017
config Support integration with new QAT products Oct 20, 2017
contrib contrib/initramfs: switch to automake Nov 7, 2017
etc Cleanup systemd dependencies Nov 8, 2017
include OpenZFS 7531 - Assign correct flags to prefetched buffers Nov 12, 2017
lib Fix column alignment with long zpool names Nov 5, 2017
man systemd and documentation Oct 30, 2017
module Fix truncate(2) mtime and ctime handling Nov 13, 2017
rpm Fix undefined %{systemd_svcs} in RPM scriptlets Nov 8, 2017
scripts Fix single test functionality Nov 7, 2017
tests Disable zvol_ENOSPC_001_pos on 32-bit systems Nov 14, 2017
udev Fix spelling Jan 3, 2017
.gitignore Add configure option to enable gcov analysis Sep 15, 2017
.gitmodules Add compatibility test script Feb 21, 2014
.travis.yml Add .travis.yml Nov 13, 2017
AUTHORS Add a missing > to AUTHORS Sep 2, 2014
COPYRIGHT Encryption patch follow-up Oct 11, 2017
DISCLAIMER Fix minor typos and update marketing copy. Mar 21, 2013
META Tag zfs-0.7.0 Jul 26, 2017 Correct make mancheck recipe Oct 27, 2017
OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE Add CDDL license file Dec 1, 2008
README.markdown Add badge to README Oct 30, 2017
TEST Refresh TEST file to include new variables Nov 8, 2017 build: do not call boilerplate ourself Apr 2, 2013 contrib/initramfs: switch to automake Nov 7, 2017
copy-builtin Allow c99 when building ZFS in the kernel tree Mar 27, 2017 Move zfs.release generation to configure step Jul 12, 2012



ZFS on Linux is an advanced file system and volume manager which was originally developed for Solaris and is now maintained by the OpenZFS community.

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Full documentation for installing ZoL on your favorite Linux distribution can be found at our site.

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We have a separate document with contribution guidelines.