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Brian Behlendorf is the principal developer of the ZFS on Linux port.
He works full time as a computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory on the ZFS and Lustre filesystems. However,
this port would not have been possible without the help of many
others who have contributed their time, effort, and insight.
Brian Behlendorf <>
First and foremost the hard working ZFS developers at Sun/Oracle.
They are responsible for the bulk of the code in this project and
without their efforts there never would have been a ZFS filesystem.
The ZFS Development Team at Sun/Oracle
Next all the developers at KQ Infotech who implemented a prototype
ZFS Posix Layer (ZPL). Their implementation provided an excellent
reference for adding the ZPL functionality.
Anand Mitra <>
Anurag Agarwal <>
Neependra Khare <>
Prasad Joshi <>
Rohan Puri <>
Sandip Divekar <>
Shoaib <>
Shrirang <>
Additionally the following individuals have all made contributions
to the project and deserve to be acknowledged.
Albert Lee <>
Alejandro R. Sedeño <>
Alex Zhuravlev <>
Alexander Eremin <>
Alexander Stetsenko <>
Alexey Shvetsov <>
Andreas Dilger <>
Andrew Reid <>
Andrew Stormont <>
Andrew Tselischev <>
Andriy Gapon <>
Aniruddha Shankar <>
Bill Pijewski <>
Chris Dunlap <>
Chris Dunlop <>
Chris Siden <>
Chris Wedgwood <>
Christian Kohlschütter <>
Christopher Siden <>
Craig Sanders <>
Cyril Plisko <>
Dan McDonald <>
Daniel Verite <>
Darik Horn <>
Eric Schrock <>
Etienne Dechamps <>
Fajar A. Nugraha <>
Frederik Wessels <>
Garrett D'Amore <>
George Wilson <>
Gordon Ross <>
Gregor Kopka <>
Gunnar Beutner <>
James H <>
Javen Wu <>
Jeremy Gill <>
Jorgen Lundman <>
KORN Andras <>
Kyle Fuller <>
Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) <>
Martin Matuska <>
Massimo Maggi <>
Matthew Ahrens <>
Michael Martin <>
Mike Harsch <>
Ned Bass <>
Oleg Stepura <>
P.SCH <>
Pawel Jakub Dawidek <>
Prakash Surya <>
Prasad Joshi <>
Ricardo M. Correia <Ricardo.M.Correia@Sun.COM>
Richard Laager <>
Richard Lowe <>
Richard Yao <>
Rohan Puri <>
Shampavman <>
Simon Klinkert <>
Suman Chakravartula <>
Tim Haley <Tim.Haley@Sun.COM>
Turbo Fredriksson <>
Xin Li <>
Yuxuan Shui <>
Zachary Bedell <>
nordaux <>