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+SUMMARY OF MAJOR KNOWN PROBLEMS IN v0.4.0 (Development Release)
+- 'zpool create' hangs in the create ioctl() when initializing a new pool
+ backed by loopback devices. The lo-raid0 configuration easily recreates
+ this issue. I currently suspect a problem in vdev_disk.c implementation
+ is causing this, but I have not yet looked to closely. On the surface
+ things appear to be fine when creating the pool with real device or files.
+ ./ -c lo-raid0 -t tiny -v
+- SPLError: 10167:1968:(spl-kmem.c:1286:spl_kmem_cache_reap_now())
+ ASSERTION(skc->skc_magic == SKC_MAGIC) failed
+ The above assertion is overserved when perform more IO than can be fully
+ cached by the ARC. The Linux VM applies back pressure to the slab which
+ in turn detect what appears to be memory corruption. I've seen a few
+ flavors of this so far, so I'm not yet convinced this is actually an
+ issue with the SPL slab. It may just be the most common victim, more
+ investigation is needed. It is also possible the new untested vdev_disk.c
+ is to blame. A lot of work is needed here.
+- SPLError: 7324:1224:(dnode.c:304:dnode_create()) VERIFY3(0` >= 1`)
+ When enabling debugging in ZFS with the --enable-debug configure option
+ we always trip the following VERIFY. This issue was present in the
+ previous 0.3.3 release and was avoided simply by leaving debugging
+ disabled until it could be explained. Well it has not just gone
+ always with the update to b105 so we need to run it to ground and
+ explain what is going on.

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