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API Documentation

Register Player

In order to be able to post a score you must first register the player, this is ideally done at the same time as the game starts.

To register, call this url (or do a post request):


When a player (or game) is registered, PHP starts a session where it save the timestamp from the registration point. This timestamp is later used to compare the time from game-start to game-end and checks that the score isn't larger than the game-timeframe.

If you don not save (or can not save) the php-cookie, the response from the server is the session id. Save this id.

Submit high score

To submit a highscore you'll need the following parameters:

  • do = String, put
  • score = Int score (milliseconds)
  • username = String username (OPTIONAL: if empty the server will generate a random username)
  • playerid = String, The session id (The one you received when you registered the game) (OPTIONAL: Only needed if you don't have the session-cookie)
  • sourceid = Int, The highscore source (Web = 1, Android = 2, Windows Phone = 3) (OPTIONAL: if empty or invalid the server will set it to 1)

Your URL should look something like this:


The server will answer with a JSON encoded string on success:

{ "id": "418", "sourceid": 1, "username": "ClarkKent", "dateline": 1375006247, "score": 12345, "position": 20, "secretkey": "a823c42c9931a5048709222e5259ea69" }

Changing username post-submit

The API allows you to change the username after the initial post of the highscore.

  • do: String, update,
  • id: Int, the id that you received after posting the initial score,
  • secretkey: String, the secret key that you received after posting the initial score,
  • username: String, the new username

Your URL should look something like this:


Fetch highscore

The API allows you to either fetch a single highscore or the top-list of highscores (Limited to ten results).

Fetching the top-list

Just call this url:


You'll receive a JSON-encoded list of scores (the top ten):

[ { "id": "404", "username": "Phoebe Capricornus", "dateline": "1374973068", "score": "169562", "position": 1 }, { "id": "410", "username": "Phoebe Fornax", "dateline": "1375003411", "score": "100958", "position": 2 }, { "id": "400", "username": "Iapetos Coma Berenices", "dateline": "1374969624", "score": "100414", "position": 3 }, [etc. etc.] ]

Fetching a single highscore

You can also fetch a single highscore by sending in the score id.


And the server will respond with:

[ { "id": "404", "username": "Phoebe Capricornus", "dateline": "1374973068", "score": "169562", "position": 1 } ]