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  1. gengis Public

    GenGIS (pronounced 'Genghis' like Genghis Khan) is a bioinformatics application that allows users to combine digital map data with information about biological sequences collected from the environm…

    C++ 24 15

  2. mimb_16S Public

    Repository containing scripts and files for 16S gene community analysis chapter in Methods in Molecular Biology

    Shell 22 9

  3. ananke Public

    Ananke: Clustering marker gene data by time-series patterns

    Python 9 2

  4. AMRtime Public

    Tool to predict the presence of antimicrobial resistance in clinical metagenomes

    Python 8 1

  5. MEGASAT Public

    High-throughput analysis of targeted microsatellite sequences.

    Perl 3 2

  6. RADProc Public

    Roff 2 2


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