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TODO for Kitchen Sink HTML5 Base

A finite list of known projects/tasks intended for the next release. Other items, typically less formulated, can be found on the Roadmap in the KST wiki at github:

If you are going to specifically tackle anything on this list, just fork the project, send me a message through github letting me know, and send me a pull request when you are done.

High priority (v.0.1)


  • create new send mail / Contact class

  • Theme support

    • Need to output a clean "directory" list of all developers
    • Only add links to support if the 'help' appliance is loaded
  • Make first dev starter theme

    • Finish html5 semantic stuff
      • comments (last big one) etc...
    • check style on all pages (author and so on)
    • post footer margin/float problems ie6-7
      • line-height for tags and categories and such
    • make excerpt, more links cooler

    • Make sure we load first (everytime a KST plugin activates)
    • Have generic hook callback to migrate and database stuff that might change version to version
    • ? what else?
    • For sites being redone from XHTML v0.2 I need a script to migrate the options and custom_fields to new metabox style
  • update and README.txt proper

Lower priority 0.1.1 > 0.2

  • cycle and scrollable both have so much bullshit still

  • See the todo list on the phpdocs for a bunch of other stuff some of which could be handled later as they are plugin related. But definitely any core/base bullshit.

  • Asides class (make awesome, unobtrusive, and truly useful)

  • DONE: get rid of stupid image sprite buttons

    • Many client designs use image buttons. Need easy ready-to-go option
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