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Mirror of MK&C's BaseTen framework for using postgresql like CoreData
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BaseTen.xcodeproj Documentation, regular expressions
BaseTenAppKit Added a missing call to set the run loop for the host resolver
BaseTenAssistant Relationships are now created for non-enabled entities
Documentation Bumped version numbers, upgraded libpq, documentation
InterfaceBuilderPlugin Version numbers will now be set automatically (fixes #206)
Patches Updated OpenSSL and iPhone OS build scripts
Sources Bumped version numbers, upgraded libpq, documentation
Tools The DMG_DS_Store is now copied after copying the background image
UnitTests Small changes
common-xcconfig Trying to re-enable the IB plug-in
xcconfig Added a missing header path
.gitignore Added git ignore file
BaseTenTemplate.tracetemplate Added a probe for recording query duration
Doxyfile Manual tuning
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