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Residence - Self serve area protection system

Official links:
IRC: irc://
Spigot Resource page:

Latest Development Snapshot:
Latest Config.yml:

To build the source yourself, simply download the source:

Unzip and run ant.

Need Help?:

Before asking for help, please check the FAQ(wiki). It has some solutions to frequent problems.

To help us better assist you, please follow these simple guidelines when asking for help.

1)Use a service such as when sharing errors or configurations.

2)Include the following version information: Craftbukkit, Residence, Vault. If you are unsure, type in the Minecraft console: "/version [plugin]" left blank will default to Craftbukkit.

3)Include a paste of your current config.yml from Residence and your permissions.yml from your respective permissions plugin.

4)Be as detailed as possible when describing your problem. How can we reproduce your problem?

If no one is available on the IRC channel, please make a post on the Residence BukkitDev page with the above information.