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-// $Id: RELEASE_INSTRUCTIONS,v 1.23 2010/02/12 09:13:21 belaban Exp $
+// $Id: RELEASE_INSTRUCTIONS,v 1.24 2010/04/24 10:17:19 belaban Exp $
Things to do before packaging a release
@@ -30,25 +30,13 @@ Release:
- see JGroups/bin/
- Create javadoc: ./ javadoc and upload to web site
- use process similar to pdf and html (script is bin/
-- Add new release binary jar *and* source jar to maven2 repository (
- a. Check out the jgroups directory of the maven repository into a working directory $JG_REPO
- > svn co $JG_REPO
- b. Update the working copy with the new release binary jar file
- > mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=$JG_RELEASE/dist/jgroups-all.jar -Durl=file://$JG_REPO -DpomFile=$JG_RELEASE/pom.xml
- This command will do the following:
- - use the pom you passed to determine groupId/artifactId/version
- - create a directory in the svn working copy you checked out with the groupId/artifactID/version number
- - copy the jar into the directory and name it by version number
- - copy the pom passed into the directory
- - create checksums for the jar and the pom
- - update the maven meta-data files in the parent directory
- c. Update the working copy with the new release sources jar file
- > mvn deploy:deploy-file -Dfile=$JG_RELEASE/dist/jgroups-sources.jar -Durl=file://$JG_REPO \
- -DpomFile=$JG_RELEASE/pom.xml -Dclassifier=sources
- Performs the same actions as in step b., except that the classifier parameter causes the file to retain
- the sources suffix in the repository.
- d. Add the new directories and files to version control and commit the changes to the maven2 repo.
- (see wiki
+- Add new release binary jar *and* source jar to Nexus maven repository (
+ a. Run ./bin/ (you need access permissions to Nexus)
+ b. Go to Nexus:
+ c. Log in ( login)
+ d. Click on Staging repositories in the left hand pane
+ e. Right click on the uploaded artifacts (JAR and src JAR) and either drop or promote them. In case of promotion,
+ the artifacts will be promoted to the jboss-releases repository and removed from the staging repo
- Announcement to the jg-dev and jg-users mailing lists
-include release notes and changelog

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