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Release Notes JGroups 2.6.1
-Version: $Id: ReleaseNotes-2.6.1.txt,v 2007/11/28 11:50:56 belaban Exp $
+Version: $Id: ReleaseNotes-2.6.1.txt,v 2007/11/28 12:00:21 belaban Exp $
Author: Bela Ban
JGroups 2.6.1 is still API-backwards compatible with previous versions (down to 2.2.5).
@@ -11,13 +11,22 @@ JGroups 2.6.1 is *binary backwards compatible* with 2.6.
Below is a summary (with links to the detailed description) of the major new features.
-Join and state transfer
+FLUSH simplification and bug fixes
-We added another connect() method in JChannel, which combines joining a cluster and fetching the state from the
-coordinator into one method. This is especially useful when we have FLUSH in the stack; thus we only have to use 1 rather
-than 2 (1 for JOIN, 1 for state transfer) flush phases.
+We simplified FLUSH in 2.7, and fixed a number of bugs, which were all backported to 2.6.1
+Reincarnation prevention
+Reincarnation can be prevented by saving ports in persistent storage and reusing them only after some time. See
+ for how to enabling persistent ports (off by default).
@@ -33,16 +42,13 @@ Links to performance tuning:
Bug fixes
-AUTH: bug in 2.5 which caused AUTH to fail on second and subsequent JOIN attempts *if* the first
-attempt was rejected by AUTH.
+Discovery: sometimes, a discovery process would not get interrupted, leading to a long join phase and some
+ handleJoin() warning messages.
-VIEW_SYNC: there was a regression in 2.5, which causes VIEW_SYNC messages to get dropped.
-Note that this bug didn't occur in 2.4.x.
+RpcDispatcher with incorrect membership passed as argument to callRemoteMethods() hangs.
-X.509 token not marshalled correctly. This affects ENCRYPT.
The complete list of features and bug fixes can be found at

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