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@@ -6,8 +6,12 @@ Release Notes JGroups 3.0.0
Author: Bela Ban
-JGroups 3.0.0 is *not* API-backwards compatible with 2.x releases. For a list of API changes see
-./doc/API_Changes.txt (** add GitHub URL **).
+!! JGroups 3.0.0 is *not* API-backwards compatible with 2.x releases !!
+For a list of API changes from 2.x to 3.0.0 see ./doc/API_Changes.txt at
Below is a summary (with links to the detailed description) of the major new features, optimizations and bug fixes.
@@ -18,51 +22,47 @@ New features
+*** No new feature, mainly API changes and bug fixes, see API_Changes.txt above ***
-RELAY: connecting local (autonomous) clusters into a large virtual cluster
-A new protocol to connect 2 geographically separate sites into 1 large virtual cluster. The local clusters are
-completely autonomous, but RELAY makes them appear as if they were one.
-This can for example be used to implement geographic failover
-NAKACK: retransmitted messages don't need to be wrapped
-Not serializing retransmitted messages at the retransmitter and deserializing them at the requester saves
-1 serialization and 1 deserialization per retransmitted message.
+Bug fixes
+UNICAST/UNICAST2: message can get delivered multiple times
+Edge case, happened very infrequently when a participant of a unicast connection closed its end of the connection
+Race condition in RspFilter
-Bug fixes
+Incorrect state transfer with STREAMING_STATE_TRANSFER is use_default_transport=true
+This was renamed to STATE and JGRP-1339 was fixed.
-NAKACK: incorrect digest on merge and state transfer
-When calling JChannel.getState() on a merge, the fetched state would overwrite the digest incorrectly.
+BARRIER should not block unicast messages
@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ When calling JChannel.getState() on a merge, the fetched state would overwrite t
-The manual is online at
+The 3.x manual is at
+The 2.x manual is at
@@ -83,5 +84,5 @@ Vladimir Blagojevic, Toronto, Canada
Richard Achmatowicz, Toronto, Canada
Sanne Grinovero, Newcastle, Great Britain
-XXX 2011
+July 2011

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