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A simple builder for base16 templates and schemes, modeled off of base16-builder-php.

This currently implements version 0.9.0 of the base16 spec.


There are two main commands: update and build.

update will pull in any template and scheme updates (or clone the repos if they don't exist).

build will build all templates following the spec for all templates and schemes defined. If additional arguments are passed, only templates matching the given names will be built.


I'm open to making a few template-specific tweaks as long as they'll be useful to other templates. Below is a listing of the additions to the base16 spec which this builder supports.

Additional variables

  • scheme-slug-underscored - A version of the scheme slug where dashes have been replaced with underscores.
  • baseXX-hex-bgr - A version of baseXX-hex with the values reversed. This was requested here.
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