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Laravel package that provides you with artisan command that listens to RabbitMQ events
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Laravel RabbitMQ listener

This package provides you with artisan command that will listen to incoming RabbitMQ events from various queues.

Basic usage

1) Configuration

After installing package publish its config with php artisan vendor:publish command.

In your config folder customize rabbitmq_listener.php file to your needs.

Available config parameters are:

  • events - which events you wish to listen and which classes are responsible for each event
  • ignored_events - which event you wish to ignore
  • queues - which queues you wish to listen
  • reject_events - determines if you want to reject incoming events (this is useful during debugging)
  • acknowledge_events - determines if you want to acknowledge events (this is useful during debugging)

For connection to RabbitMQ add following parameters to your .env file:


2) Implement abstract event parser

In your app you must create class that extends Belamov\RabbitMQListener\AbstractEventParser class

This abstract class consists of following methods:

abstract public function setEventPayload(string $payload);

abstract public function getEventName();

abstract public function getEventPayload();

setEventPayload($payload) is called when your event parser is created. $payload is string that came from your RabbitMQ event.

getEventName() is used to determine which event handler will be used. If you have only one type of event then just make it return specific value which you will configure in events parameter in rabbitmq_listener.php file

getEventPayload() is used when you instantiating your event handler. Returned value injects in handler's constructor.

After creating parser class you should register it in your appServiceProvider.php file.

Simply add following code to register() method:

    'Your\Namespace\<Your class name>'

3) Add your event handlers

For working with events create classes that extend Belamov\RabbitMQListener\EventHandlers\EventHandler class

This class is requires payload that will be returned from your getEventPayload() method.

process() method may return some info that will be returned in your console when you process events.

You are also able to throw Belamov\RabbitMQListener\Exceptions\EventParsingException in your process method. If it is thrown than event will be rejected without rescheduling (if you set reject_events to true in config file)

4) Run command

run php artisan rabbitmq:listen command. You can also put this process under supervisor for rerunning it constantly.

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