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Cecilia4Csound is an audio signal processing environment that lets you create your own GUI (grapher, sliders, toggles, popup menus) using a simple syntax. Cecilia4Csound comes with many original built-in modules, written with Csound, for sound effects and synthesis.

Previously written with Tcl/Tk, Cecilia4Csound was entirely rewritten with Python/wxPython and uses the Csound API for the communication between the interface and the audio engine.

Official web site (not running yet)

To download the latest version of Cecilia4Csound, go to the official web site!

Running Cecilia4Csound from sources

To run Cecilia4Csound from sources, the following softwares must be installed on the system:

Then, download and extract sources for cecilia4csound and run in a terminal (or command prompt on Windows):

cd path/to/folder/cecilia4csound/
python Cecilia4Csound.py