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Welcome to the pyo features market

As you may know, keeping pyo up-to-date, efficient and bug free, testing on the three major platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux) and packaging it for Windows and OSX takes already a huge amount of time. With the family growing and the teaching activities, it is harder than before to find the time to extend the library. I'm very proud of what pyo is becoming and totally dedicated to its maintenance, to bug fixing and, to improving the core code.

I'm now asking the community to help me making pyo an even better dsp module!

If you want to support the development of new features in the pyo module, you can make a donation and leave a message to tell me which feature you want to promote. As soon as a feature has reaches its target (in Canadian dollars), I will work on it for its inclusion in the next release.

If you want me to add a feature that is not in this list, just send a message on the mailing-list to explain what you wish to be able to do with pyo. I will regularly update this page.

Feature Target Status Description
MidiFile & MidiFileReader objects 200/400$ pending This feature will add a built-in Midifile object able to parse, modifiy and, create midi files. In addition, a MidifileReader will allow one to play (with time and pitch controls) midi files loaded in Midifile object, either directly to the internal midi input or to the midi out of the Server.
Windows 64-bit build 0/500$ pending This feature will allow to run pyo under a 64-bit python under Windows. This imply to setup a development machine to compile pyo and its dependencies under a 64-bit architecture.
Jack MIDI support 150/150$ included v. 0.8.8 This feature will allow Jack users to connect their MIDI interfaces to pyo with Jack MIDI (which offers much more flexibility) instead of Portmidi.
Events: composition framework 110/400$ pending The goal of this feature is to give access to a flexible but simple to use composition framework (à la SuperCollider's Patterns). The framework would be split in two parts, the first dedicated to the instrument designs and the other to the pattern/sequence/score generation.

Possible status

Status Development state
pending Waiting to reach financial target.
in-progress Financial target is reached and the feature is under development.
testing The feature is functional and available for testing by the community.
included v. x.x.x The feature is fully tested and included in the release version x.x.x.

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