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Zyne is a Python modular synthesizer using pyo as its audio engine.

Zyne comes with more than 10 builtin modules implementing different kind of synthesis engines and provides a simple API to create your own custom modules.

Tutorial on how to create a custom Zyne module: Tutorial

A little sampler, written in pyo, that can be used to play exported soundfiles:

If you want to share your own modules with other users, send it by email to belangeo(at) and it will be added to the download repository.


Zyne 0.1.2

Bug fixes release:

  • Fixed an important memory leak
  • Disable Midi controllers interpolation to provide a more natural mapping of values to the graphical sliders.

Zyne 0.1.1

Bug fixes release:

  • Fixed bug with Built-in Output not opening device on OS X 10.5
  • Fixed Jack support on linux
  • Midi notes and controllers can come from any channel instead of only channel 1
  • Fixed "Midi interface" popup initialization


For questions and comments please mail belangeo(at)


This project is developed by Olivier Bélanger on his free time to help creation of original soundfiles and sound exploration. If you feel this project is useful to you and want to support it and it's future development please consider donating money. I only ask for a small donation, but of course I appreciate any amount.